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IT Transformation

Organisations today face a numerous challenges with their IT systems and solutions, including increasing stakeholder expectations, reduced budgets and the constant emergence of new technologies.


To achieve high performance, organisations need to identify which IT capabilities are most critical to the success of your business. Only then should you work on shaping an IT strategy that supports your organisation cost-effectively.

CNS has extensive experience with IT transformation programs. We have helped numerous leading organisations improve their IT performance through large-scale changes to their culture, processes and technology.

Our IT transformation approach is also typically self-funding. As a result of targeting a number of quick wins early on in a transformation project with CNS, an organisation generally covers the cost of the entire project in the first year.

Some additional benefits of CNS’ IT transformation approach include:

  • Business and IT strategies are more closely aligned
  • IT costs are reduced
  • IT expenditures are redirected from non-strategic projects to strategic ones
  • ROI on IT investments is improved
  • IT efficiency and effectiveness increases
  • IT services are higher-quality
  • Your post-merger integration runs more smoothly
  • Experience a faster time-to-market


At CNS, we bring both business and IT perspectives to assist organisations in evaluating technology opportunities and developing IT strategies and plans. Our deep IT strategy, industry and technology implementation experience enables us to help IT and business leaders:

  • Guide their organisations in leveraging IT to move business forward
  • Quickly identify how their IT environment can provide greater value to the business
  • Determine the IT capabilities needed to exploit emerging business opportunities
  • Develop an appropriate IT strategy and application blueprint
  • Improve the operations and processes of within their IT environment so it becomes more efficient and closely aligned to their overall business strategy


CNS provides a full range of services to help clients transform their IT functions. Our services include:

  • IT capability maturity evaluation
  • IT workforce diagnosis and transformation
  • IT and architecture governance design
  • IT organisation design
  • IT operating model design
  • Comprehensive end-to-end implementation


Reduce Cost

End-User Computing Services enable you to move computing resources into the data center, making them easier to manage and improving the efficiency of both technology and personnel utilization. Automation also frees up IT staff and reduces costs and travel time.


Boost User Productivity

Enable access to data and applications from any device, anytime, anywhere. Gain additional productivity and improved business continuity through non-disruptive, transparent upgrades and patches.


Make Business More Agile

Increase business agility with a dynamic end-user computing environment. This enables IT to introduce new technology to more quickly meet the needs of the business.


Enhance Security

Gain greater security and disaster recovery for enterprise desktops with centralized applications and data. Confidential information previously stored on laptops and tablets is now kept in the data center and is better protected through regular backups.


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