Hardware Consolidation

Your hardware resources are often some of the most expensive components of your IT environment. If your business is noticing poor or underutilisation of these resources, it's likely you're over-investing in hardware and wasting space and power. You may also be propagating operational inefficiencies. CNS can help you analyse and consolidate your hardware resources so you can reduce costs and improve performance.


Server consolidation

Server consolidation leverages hardware virtualisation to reduce the number of physical servers in your organisation. This consolidation improves the usage of your hardware resources while maintaining isolation between servers and services.


Storage consolidation

Storage can be one of the largest costs in any IT infrastructure project so smart use of space is essential to maximise your investment.

Storage consolidation helps enables your storage to be reshaped, moved, expanded or shared easily as your business requirements change rather than having to invest in additional hardware.

Some of the other benefits of storage consolidation include:

  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved service levels