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Network Security

CNS takes the security of your network solutions seriously. We have helped numerous private and public organisations map out their security requirements across all the necessary layers, including;



Your first line of defence from external threats is usually a Firewall or UTM (Unified Threat Management) device.

Firewalls can restrict the inbound and outbound traffic that can traverse your network. A UTM device will also do this but provides additional security by checking all traffic that passes through it. This can help block malicious software from entering your network from compromised websites or infected downloads and emails.



Along with a Firewall or UTM device segregating your network into vLANs will prevent access to sensitive resources from client, guest, wireless and other networks without having to invest in separate hardware.



Security of wireless networks is often left unchecked buy businesses. Separating out guest and temporary access to a segregated wireless network is essential to ensure data integrity. Also having strong encryption and passwords is key to any wireless implementation.



Scanning email for spam, phishing and viruses is vital for keeping your network secure. Along with removing annoying, time-consuming spam messages, CNS can help remove the threat of phishing attacks that are becoming ever more sophisticated and common.


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