Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

CNS offers IaaS as dedicated physical or virtual servers that can be customised to suit your unique requirements.

The key benefits of our IaaS model include:

  • Scalability: your resources become available as and when you need them. This results in reduced delays from expanding your capacity and reduced wastage from unused capacity
  • No hardware investment: CNS sets up and maintain the hardware to support your IaaS so you can save costs and valuable time
  • Utility style costing model: IaaS can be accessed on demand meaning you only pay for the resources you use and nothing more
  • Anywhere access: you and your staff can access your IaaS from any location as long as there is a secure internet connection
  • High security: The servers in the datacentres that support your IaaS are constantly monitored by high security
  • No single point of failure: if one component of your IaaS were to fail your overall service would remain unaffected due to the multitude of hardware resources and redundancy configurations that will remain in working condition