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CNS Cloud

CNS has years of experience offering secure locally hosted cloud services to businesses of all sizes and from multiple industries. Our Cloud offers higher security and privacy; than other public clouds in the market.

We use connections made from behind your organisation’s firewall, dedicated lease lines and on-site internal hosting to ensure that operations are kept secure and private

The CNS Cloud consists of totally segregated network and resource pools to you can be confident in the security of your data. Some of the other tangible business benefits that our Cloud offers include:

  • Control: the CNS Cloud is fully managed and owned by CNS so we can scale it to your needs
  • Security: the CNS Cloud is secured and segregated using the latest technology to you can be assured your data is safe.
  • Cost and energy efficiency: the CNS Cloud model can be used to improve the allocation, use and flexibility of resources within your business. Not only does this save costs but it help with reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint.
  • Improved reliability: the CNS Cloud is fully redundant to ensure 24//7 access to your data. Our Cloud is also hosted in a Tier 4 Datacentre with a 100% uptime SLA.
  • Scalability: the CNS Cloud allows you to scale your operations up or down without having to purchase additional hardware. Additional performance, storage or features can also be added on-demand


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