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Cloud Advisory

The CNS Cloud advisory service helps you develop a tangible roadmap to achieve the cloud strategy that is right for your organisation – from virtualization to IT-as-a-Service and federation with public cloud services. Our experienced consultants will work with you to:

  • Align your strategy with the relevant business initiatives
  • Develop a business case
  • Define the required architecture
  • Build governance models to achieve operational excellence.

Our innovative approach aims to balance private, public, and hybrid cloud options based on economics, functionality & your unique requirements.



Deploying a cloud strategy requires an industrious approach that focuses on reducing IT management and costs, increasing IT efficiency and improving business agility. Some challenges with deploying a Cloud strategy in an organisation include:

  • Developing a business case
  • Designing an efficient and scalable Cloud architecture
  • Defining the placement of application workloads in the Cloud


Our approach

CNS can guide you through every step of deploying your Cloud strategy to ensure your project is successful, cost efficient and supports business agility. Our Cloud advisory service helps you to:

  • Create a business case that outlines the value of the Cloud including CAPEX or OPEX model
  • Gain true insight into the IT costs based on information workloads
  • Establish benchmarks to measure information assets
  • Develop a transformational plan that outlines the people, processes, and technologies required for you to move to the Cloud


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